“Water Cycle” Parts List


Water Cycle” Parts List

This is the pump we use.

We use the pump to run a fountain at fairs and festivals. Remove the cooling fan to expose the shaft. Put on a sheave (pulley) on the shaft. Elevate the rear wheel of the bike off the ground. Put a v-belt around the rear wheel of the bike. Put the v-belt around the sheave on the pump.

Connect the inlet and outlet with pvc tubing. The threads on the pump are fine threads. They don’t match the PVC threads. You will need to put tub and tile caulk to keep it from leaking.

You can buy a bike trainer to get the rear wheel of the bike off the ground or you can make your own stand from L channel. If you buy a trainer you can mount the water pump to the trainer. Bell sells a trainer for less than $80 on Amazon.

A bike stand can also be made from bed frame. Notches are “carved” in the bed frame for the rear and front axles using an hand grinder. The stand and the pump are mounted to a 2″ x 12″ “skid”. The pump is secured to the skid using bike chain or metal tape with perforations (found in plumbing).

The V-belt is available from Grainger. The 4L V-belt is most common. After you have the bike and pump positioned on the skid, measure for the V-belt. The V-belt is dimensioned using the outside of the belt so add a couple of inches if using a string. The belt tension can be adjusted by moving the pump on the skid or by adding or removing air from the tire.

Good luck. The photos will soon appear. There are no dumb questions.