Three reasons to celebrate with Working Bikes


As we approach our year end, everyone at Working Bikes would like to extend a fond thank you to our staff, volunteers, donors, customers, clients, and friends. With a week to go, we’ve already donated more than 9,100 bikes to would-be cyclists from around the globe and in our own backyard.

Celebrating 17 years of Working Bikes
On October 25th, we celebrated the 17th Anniversary of Working Bikes at Lagunitas Tap Room with more than 200 of our closest friends, family, and supporters. We’d like to thank everyone for coming out and to all of our donors for providing such wonderful auction items and raffle prizes. We raised over $15,000 this year, which will go towards improving our global and local donation programs. A special cheers goes out to our gold sponsors Jenner & Block and Marcia Bogolub! The staff and management of Lagunitas deserves an extra round of applause for being such generous and gracious hosts to the entire Chicago nonprofit community.

Global donations
One of our biggest and best partners this year was the Chipego Bike Shop in Zambia. This year we sent 1,289 bikes to the women who run the shop and another 1,268 to affiliated shops in Botswana and Tanzania. It’s great seeing these bikes put to such good use around the world.

Local donations
This year we donated more than 1,600 bikes in Chicago through our Cycle of Power and Cycle of Peace programs. More than 450 of these bikes went to individuals participating in housing, rehabilitative, ex-offender, or refugee resettlement programs. We believe that active and sustainable transportation can make a world of difference in someone’s health and well-being. Working Bikes is proud to help remove some of the barriers that may affect our neighbors and community members.

Working Bikes hopes that all participants find the act of riding a bike as empowering as our members have. Another 850 of our bikes are going to children. We hope we can spread this love of self-propulsion to the next generation. Many of the remainder of our local donations went to youth organizations, which teach bike repair in other parts of the city. We’d like to acknowledge Bikes ‘N Roses and Blackstone Bicycle Works for their continued dedication and work.

2017 and beyond
We wouldn’t be able to achieve any of these amazing milestones without the support of our loyal friends and co-conspirators. Please join us in 2017 as we continue giving old bikes new homes as tools of empowerment in local and global communities. We are always happy to have new volunteers join us!

As we close out 2016, we ask that if you are making charitable donations that you think of us. An incredible 86% of our budget goes directly to our programming. Any donations are appreciated and can be made by clicking on the link below.

Peace and bike grease,
Paul Fitzgerald,
General Manager