June 4 – Working Bikes on the Radio

Working Bikes manager Paul Fitzgerald and mechanic Aaron Brown had some unusual working conditions today. The pair performed basic repairs and tune ups on air for WBEZ’s show Worldview with Jerome McDonnell. McDonnell, a longtime bicycling advocate and Working Bikes fan, hosted guests from some of the top scoring workplaces in the Active Transportation Alliance’s annual Bike Commuter Challenge. The Bike Commuter Challenge is part of Chicago’s annual Bike to Work Week, which spans from June 8-14 this year. Discussion revolved around the teams’ strategies for motivating employees to bike, which included installing staff lockers, showers, and even paying employees to ride (at a rate of 75 cents a mile, for the record).

Fitzgerald and Brown were on hand to fix bikes for WBEZ employees during the segment, setting up a bike stand and laying out tools on the studio floor. Fitzgerald, Brown, and Working Bikes outreach coordinator Marie Akerman also spoke to Working Bikes’ upcoming community partnerships in Chicago, in particular a project with Growing Power that will be taking place this summer.

To hear the interview you can find the podcast on the Worldview webpage. And don’t forget to celebrate Bike to Work Week by biking to your own workplace next week, June 8-14!