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Reflections On Bike!Bike! 2017

  A small group of Working Bikes compatriots attended Bike!Bike! 2017 in Winnipeg, Canada August 24th through 27th. The fourteen-hour drive did not deter the enthusiasm to explore the city and connect with like-minded bike enthusiasts and leaders. The annual conference brings together bicycle advocates, particularly involved in community bike shops, to exchange ideas to improve their … read more »

Welcome Our New Public Ally!

Working Bikes is excited to have Trian from Public Allies – AmeriCorps on board as our Communications apprentice. For ten months he will be an integral part of our communications and community outreach. Trian has worked for the Japanese Cultural Center, Black Youth Project 100, and Affinity Community Services.

Dave Gorman on Bikes for Lesotho

Working Bikes is building a new cycling culture in southern Africa with Bikes for Lesotho (B4L). According to B4L founder Dave Gorman, “I had been a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho 25 years ago and had returned twice since then. In all that time, I had never seen even one bike! Combined with that, I’d read in … read more »

Esperanza Health Centers 2017 Summer Collaboration Series

Working Bikes is constantly looking for more ways to connect with likeminded, neighboring organizations to further the goal of recycling bicycles and giving them to those in need. Esperanza Health Centers, with locations in South Lawndale, Little Village, and Chicago Lawn, is one such organization. On top of our established Prescription To Ride partnership, in which we … read more »

Inclusion Through Expanding Partnerships

Photo credit: Amanda Neuman Working Bikes has expanded programming for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The following is a description of Vaughn Occupational High School’s experience at Working Bikes written by Amanda Neuman, their teacher and chaperone: “Vaughn has been collaborating with Working Bikes for two years on a biweekly basis. The collaboration has created invaluable experiences for … read more »

Don’t Sell It – Why You Should Donate Your Bike

Why donate your bike? We know you could re-sell it, gift it to a friend, or even just throw it away, but we hope you’ll donate your bike to Working Bikes instead. And here are 3 reasons why you should:   1) It will change the life of someone in need – Working Bikes can use the bicycles … read more »

120 Volts DC Bike Generator Parts List

Even though it’s DC, this generator can be used to power AC appliances such as compact fluorescent lamps, tube fluorescent lamps, sewing machines, blenders, coffee grinders, food processors, juicers etc. The appliances can be found at resale shops for less than $10. If it works it will not damage the appliance (famous last words). We caution not … read more »

May 11 – Kane County Recycling Event

Kane County will be collecting Bikes for Working Bikes on Saturday May 11, from 8AM to 2PM. Located at 540 south Randall rd., St. Charles. For more information, click here.

May 11 – SCARCE Addison Park

SCARCE will be collecting bikes for Working Bikes on Saturday May 11, from 10AM to 1PM. For more information, click here.

Working Bikes at Windy City Rollers Derby

On Saturday April 20, Manager Paul Fitzgerald appeared during the half time show of the Windy City Rollers Derby to receive a check for $500. The Fury, one of the home teams in the league, had selected Working Bikes to be their charity beneficiary for the 2013 season. As Fitzgerald graciously received the check and spoke about … read more »