November 17 – Lakeview Bike Drive

On Sunday, November 17, Olgi Freyre, Jessica Curry, and the Lakeview Whole Foods are hosting a bike drive from 11am to 3pm in the Lakeview Whole Foods parking lot at 3300 N. Ashland in Chicago.

The bike drive was inspired by a series of unfortunate and fortunate events earlier this fall. In October, Olgi’s bicycle was stolen outside her workplace. Upset, she left a note for the thief, which prompted first a Twitter post and then a flurry of media coverage. Jessica’s father, Robert Curry, learned of Olgi through a news story about the robbery and her note. He learned that Olgi, a young college student working full-time, would not be able to afford a replacement bike. Remembering a time when his own bike was stolen in college, Robert reached out to purchase her a new bike.

Inspired by Robert’s generosity, Jessica and Olgi wanted to continue the spirit of giving. They soon reached out to Working Bikes and their local Whole Foods store to organize a bike drive. We hope to keep the giving going! If you or someone you know has a bike to give, come on by the Lakeview Whole Foods from 11-3 on Sunday, 11/17.

For more information about the drive, visit the event Facebook page.