March 29 – Little 500 Qualifications Bike Drive

Working Bikes will be collecting bike donations and tabling at the qualifications for Indiana University’s Little 500 on March 29 in Bloomington, Indiana.

The Little 500 or “Little Five,” is an annual race founded in 1951 by Howdy Wilcox Jr., then director of the Indiana University Student Foundation. Wilcox modeled the race on the famed Indianapolis 500 car race. Cyclists compete in teams of four, racing relay-style for 200 laps (50 miles) along a quarter-mile (440 yards) cinder track. Money raised by the event goes towards scholarships for working IU students. You can read more about the event and the bikes all Little 500 racers use here.

Qualifications will take place at Bill Armstrong Stadium. The attempt will consist of four consecutive laps, with each designated rider riding one lap. Upon being instructed to take the track, the first rider will complete one warm-up lap, and upon crossing the start/finish line the official timing will begin. After one lap, Rider 1 will exchange the bicycle with Rider 2. This exchange must take place within 16 feet of either side of the start/finish line (a total of 32 feet). The same exchange shall take place between Rider 2 and Rider 3, and Rider 3 and Rider 4. When Rider 4 crosses the finish line, the clock will stop and the team’s qualifying time will be final. The teams with the fastest 33 times of the day will qualify for the 2014 Little 500.

We’re excited to be a part of this major cycling event. If you’re there, be sure to stop by our table and say hi to our volunteers–or donate a bike if you can!