February 6 – Annual Meeting

Working Bikes Annual Meeting!
Thursday, February 6, 2014Dear Friends,

Kick the snow off your boots, shake the cold out of your fingers, and mark your calendars!  The Working Bikes Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 6th, from 7:30-9:00pm. The Annual Meeting is our most important of the year for a few reasons: we’ll review the activities of 2013, vote on open Board member seats, and set our sights on a busy 2014!


The draft agenda is listed below – if you have any suggestions or additions for the agenda, we want to hear them! Please email the Secretary by noon on February 5th to have your suggestion included in the final agenda.


6:30-7:30pm – Potluck Social – please bring a dish, snack or drink to share!  Keep in mind: calories keep us warm!!!  This is the time to swap stories of cycling/surviving in the polar vortex!


7:30pm – Meeting Begins


7:30-9:00pm – Meeting Agenda

  • Approval of December 2013 General Meeting minutes – a few copies will be on hand, or you can find a PDF here.
  • 2013 Year in Review – shipments, financials, partners, events, etc.  Marie’s report does a great job of summarizing some of what we’ll talk about!
  • 2014 Plans and Priorities
  • Committee Updates
  • By-Laws Amendments – some changes, mostly cosmetic, were made to the old version. Please see the proposed new version here.
  • Board of Directors Elections (see below)
  • Officer elections (see below)
  • Other items YOU suggest


9:00pm – Meeting Ends


Board of Directors Elections:  Working Bikes Board seats are filled by a process defined in our bylaws.  According to the process, the current Board approves a slate of candidates and proposes the slate to the Membership at the Annual Meeting for an up or down vote.  Board terms are two years long and are staggered so that about half of the terms expire each year.  Our current Board of Directors is as follows:

  1. Gabriela Arismendi
  2. Trevor Clarke
  3. Amelia Jaffe
  4. Phil Kaplan
  5. Pete Travnicek
  6. Amy Little
  7. Jim Lindsey
  8. Lee Ravenscroft
  9. Eric Wood


Terms for Board members numbered 6 through 9 (in bold above) expire on 2/28/2014and are up for election this year.  Although the seat held by Jim Lindsey was filled at last year’s Annual Meeting, that seat will join the three seats with terms scheduled to expire this year in order to create a more balanced stagger structure.


So… we have four seats to fill this year, and we’ll have five to fill next year.  The Board has approved the following slate of candidates for two-year terms (3/1/2014 – 2/29/2016).  At the Annual Meeting, Members will be asked to vote on the entire candidate slate:

  1. Amy Little
  2. Jim Lindsey
  3. Lee Ravenscroft
  4. Eric Wood


Officer ElectionsFollowing the Board of Directors elections, Members will be asked to vote on the Board-approved slate of Officer candidates. Officer terms are for one year.  NOTE: If the outcome of the Board elections impacts the selection of officers, officer voting will be held at the next meeting. The officer candidate slate is:

  1. Lee Ravenscroft – President
  2. Phil Kaplan – Vice President
  3. Pete Travnicek – Treasurer
  4. Trevor Clarke – Secretary


If you have any questions about the elections, please email the secretary.  We hope to see you at the meeting on February 6th!


Stay warm this week!
Working Bikes