December 9, 2013 – Working Bikes in the Mountaineer News

Working Bikes was mentioned in a recent Mountaineer News article about the rise of cycling in Morgantown, West Virginia. You can read an excerpt of the article below, or view the article in full, here.

“There are many groups and communities in the Morgantown area that support a biking culture within the city. One such organization is Positive Spin which is a non-profit corporation that is made up of volunteers who work on refurbishing old bikes.

Positive Spin collects a certain amount of bikes that will be donated to people all over the world. The bikes that you see here at the organization’s facility in Sabraton are being collected and will be donated to area Toy Drives and Christmas angel programs. Photo by Joe Cooper

Founded in 2005, Positive Spin was aimed to help bicyclists learn how to ride safely and effectively in traffic around the city. However, a week after opening, Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Gulf Coast, and there were many residents of that area who no longer had any means of transportation. Additionally, many storm victims were moved to Camp Dawson in Preston County and had no way to get around. Positive Spin began collecting donated bikes and amassed 200 bikes, which were given to families affected by the storm.

Will Ravenscroft is one of the founding board members of Positive Spin and has connections to Working Bikes in Chicago, a group that gave a lot of support during the formation of Positive Spin. Will believes that people, not just in Morgantown, need to understand all the good that comes from their organization.

‘Donations of bikes is how we function. Without help from the community we wouldn’t be here today,’ Ravenscroft said . ‘The bikes that we receive are not only provided to citizens in West Virginia, but all over the world.'”